Here is a list of the most common questions asked around Open Device Labs. We are striving to make this list as complete as possible, if there is something you miss or want to add, please let us know. Thanks!

What is an Open Device Lab?

Open Device Labs (ODLs, #ODL) are a grass roots community movement, to establish (physical) locations for web and app developers to go to use a shared community pool of devices. Individuals and corporations are donating their devices to the shared pool, and word is spreading through the community locally, and globally.

This enables more developers to access a broader variety of devices, enabling them to test their work for consumption on various screen sizes – which is badly needed, considering that there are already more than 8,000 different internet connected mobile devices (as of January 2013). Purchasing and maintaining even the minimum set of necessary devices needed for testing is beyond the reach of most professionals.

Open Device Labs provide a service that addresses this problem.

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What types of Open Device Labs exist?

Open Device Labs exist at permanent physical locations, but they can also be mobile and travelling around, or become established for certain dates or events only. To help people to identify we're using the following classification for ODLs:

Resident ODL

The ODL is hosted by a company or institution, permanently, at a specific address.

Mobile ODL

The ODL does not have a consistent location, it moves around - to events, co-working spaces, cafés, or other spaces.

Virtual ODL

Virtual ODLs are generally organized in a specific location, e.g. for a Meetup, conference or other event, and usually for a short duration.

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Do I have to pay something?

For the majority of ODLs, no. ODLs are meant to be non-profit and free for the community to use. However, in some cases, the ODL may ask for a donation or small fee to help them cover their expenses.

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How do I locate Open Device Labs around me?

Allow our start page to access your location data and use the map area to navigate through maps in your vicinity. If you do not want to look for ODLs at your current location, feel free to enter the location of your choice. You can also narrow down your search by filtering by device manufacturer brands available in target ODLs.

Open the details page of any ODL marker in the map to access the available data.

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How can I support Open Device Labs?

Giving is an important part of the idea of an ODL. If you found the service provided to you useful, you are a good community citizen when you're giving back! Here are some recommendations:

If you are in the position to reach a larger audience, either directly or through others, you might also consider bringing in sponsors or just help raise awareness on the ODL Movement. Check our front page for some inspiration on that.

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Did not find an answer?

If there is no answer to your question yet, please let us know. We're glad to help and will add missing topics to this list over time.

See something odd for quite some time already?

Please bear with us: this service is ran by a non-for-profit == in our free time. You are welcome to help! Thanks for your patience.

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